August 23rd, 2017

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Snatch Lift by Vladimir Kononov


Speaking of how low some of the Olympic weightlifters were able to capture the weight in the snatch lift squat…

On the cover photo Vladimir Kononov of Team USSR snatches 170kg in the 100kg weight class in 1977..

Vladimir Kononov was one of the most talented Soviet athletes that, for various reasons, was rather under exposed on the international arena.

He competed in the sub heavyweight class for the “Trud” club of Novokuybyshevsk and was the vice champion of the USSR (1976). the winner of the USSR Cup in total (387.5kg, 1976) and in clean-and-jerk (227.5kg, 1976).

Throughout his career, Kononov authored 3 world records.


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Press Lift by Karl Pumpurins


Karl Pumpurins of Riga, Latvia competes in the press lift at the 1971 USSR Spartakiad in Moscow.

Pumpurins pressed 195kg in the 110kg weight class and took the 5th place with the 540kg total (195+145+200).

The press was the strongest lift for Karl. He set 4 world records in press in his career.

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Plug and Play, USA!

Plug and Play, USA!

One of the best Olympic weightlifting teams in the world in the 1950s and 1960s, Team USA is having a good time in the rural area in Pennsylvania.

Not far from the York Barbell headquarters in York, PA, where Bob Hoffman put together the best U.S. weightlifters at the time.

Left to Right:

Isaac Berger, Anthony Garcy, Bill March, Joe Puleo, Tommy Kono, Joe Pitman.