September 1st, 2017

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Paul Anderson in the Spoltlight


Legendary American super heavyweight Paul Anderson posing in front of the photo reporters during the exhibition weightlifting at the Madison Square Garden in NYC in 1955.

Paul Anderson in the History in Color Series

Anderson (1955) Anderson

Team USA Weightlifting showcased their mastery with the other U.S. Olympians preparing to go to the 1956 Olympics next year. Thousands of sports fans cheered for Tommy Kono and Chuck Vinci, Jim Bradford and Clyde Emrich, Peter and Jim George…

And, of course, for the “miracle of nature” Paul Anderson who within a year broke all the world records and became the strongest man on the planet.

In fact, Paul Anderson literally stole the show and grabbed all the media attention.

As you can see it on the History in Color cover photo.

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165 Kg Press By Vladimir Golovanov


May 1968 – Lugansk, Ukraine, USSR: Olympic champion of Tokyo (1964), Vladimir Golovanov  presses 165kg at the 1968 USSR Championship.

The display behind the athlete shows the world record in the press lift – 171.5kg. It was the record that Golovanov set in Kiev three month prior to the Championship in Lugansk.

In his career Vladimir Golovanov set 5 world records. All 5 were in the press lift.

Vladimir Golovanov (1939-2003) competed in the 90kg  and 110kg classes for the Army Sports Club of Khabarovsk, Russia.

In the national tournaments, he won the USSR championships in 1964 and 1969.

On the international arena, besides the 1964 Summer Olympics, Vladimir Golovanov won gold medals at the World Championship (1964) and European Championship (1964).

On his way to the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo-64, he bypassed such legends of Olympic weightlifting as Louis Martin of Great Britain (silver medal) and Ireneusz Palinski of Poland (bronze medal) and won with the 487.5 kg total.