September 18th, 2017

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Dmitry Ivanov: Soviet Sports Writer and Athlete


On the “History in Color” cover photo, Soviet lightweight champion Dmitry Ivanov performs a split style snatch in the training hall in the early 1950s.

Dmitry Ivanov (1928-1993) was one of the most known journalists that provided coverage of Olympic weightlifting in the Soviet press for decades.

Ivanov wrote articles for the “Soviet Sports Daily” that was the major daily Soviet newspaper and the major information source on sports events in the world. So, several generations of Olympic weightlifters and fans were getting info and protocols of the Olympic and World Championships and local tournaments through Ivanov’s writings.

Besides newspaper reports, Dmitry Ivanov wrote several bestselling non-fiction books about Olympic weightlifters.

Prior to his journalist career, Ivanov was a distinguished athlete and champion. He competed in the 67.5kg class for the Moscow Spartak club and won the USSR championships in 1953 and 1954. In 1952, he won the bronze medal at the USSR nationals.

On the international level, Ivanov won the World championship in Wienna (1954) and European Championship in 1953 and 1954.

Dmitry Ivanov also set 4 world records (3 in the press and 1 in the snatch lift.)

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John Grimek (USA)


In this “History in Cover” issue, we feature a photo of  legendary John Grimek performing one of the strength feat of the time – tearing apart a Chicago telephone book.

John Grimek (1910-1998) was a great U.S. Olympic weightlifter and bodybuilder in the 1930s and 1950s.

John Grimek trained with the York Barbell Club and was one of the key figures in Bob Hoffman’s empire of strength. Grimek’s look and feel on the magazine’s photos and competitions, in many ways, helped Bob Hoffman’s enterprise to propel to the very top of American strength-related market. He was a definite “poster boy” of men’s strength and physique as his photos were published on the covers of the “Strength and Health” and all major weightlifting publications of the time.

Grimek won was a part of many weightlifting and bodybuiling contests and tournaments of his time.

As a bodybuilder, he won the AAU Mr. America (1940, 1941), Mr. Universe (1948) and Mr. USA (1949), In bodybuilding world, Grimek earned such nicknames as “The Glow” and “The Monarch of Muscledom”.

As an Olympic weightlifter, John Grimek competed for the Team USA at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. He won the 9th place with the 357.5kg total (115+105+137.5), Grimek won the U.S. national championship in 1936, vice-chapionship in 1935 and a bronze medal in 1940.




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'72 Team Canada Selects in Russia (2017)

Team Canada 1972 in 2017

Team Canada 1972 in 2017

Canada and USSR in 2017

Canada and USSR in 2017

Team USSR in 1972

Team USSR in 1972

Team Canada 1972

Team Canada 1972

Selected members of legendary 1972 Team Canada (click the cover photo to enlarge ) arrived to Russia for the celebration the 45th Anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series in Russia.

The slide shows combines the group shots of both Team Canada and Team CCCP back in 1972 and today.

Legendary teams… Legendary players… Legendary tournament.