October 12th, 2017

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Reflecting on Education


Bernie C. is an educated fella.

He has a diploma. He graduated from a highly recommended obedience school.

He almost failed the final exam though.

When I told him “Come!” he ran to me so quick and happy that I thought these weeks of training really worked.

He ran towards me really fast. He ignored all these challenging temptations on his way to me. He didn’t stop for beautiful squeaky toys or wonderfully smelling treats laying on the floor on my way to me.

However, when he reached me, Bernie C. didn’t stop and continued to run out to the exit door of the store…

So, he almost failed and could have graduated without a merit of diploma.

Looking back at his finals in the school, now I think that it wasn’t bad that he didn’t have a perfect score.

Once in a while, I have to repeat his obedience lessons.

Had he scored perfectly at graduation back then, he would say now:

“No more schooling please – I am a cum laude grad of an Ivy League obedience school!”

Dogs are dogs. People are people.

We all forget our lessons regardless of our score in studies.

Sometimes, we all need a continuing education session here and there.

Bernie C. approved my word of wisdom :-)

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1948 Team USA


History in Color: 1948 Olympics

owl-davis-1948 stanczyk-1948 usa-1948 dipietro

Here goes another History in Color shot of American strongest that went to compete for the country at the first post World War II Olympics in London.

Top row (left to right):

Bob Hoffman, ?, Frank Spellman (75kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA), Harold Sakata (82.5kg, Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu, HI), Peter George (67.5kg, A.C.M.W.L. Akron), ?, Norbert Schemansky (82.5+kg, Yaco’s Gym, Detroit, MI), Joe Pitman (67.5kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA), John Davis (82.5+kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA), ?, ?, Dietrich Wortmann

Front row (left to right):

Richard Tomita (60kg, Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu, HI), Emerich Ishikawa (60kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA), John Terpak (75kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA), Richard Tom (56kg, Nuuanu YMCA, Honolulu, HI), Joe DiPietro (56kg, Bates Barbell Club), Stan Stanczyk (82.5kg, York Barbell Club, York, PA)

The results of this  historical tournament can be viewed here.

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Perpendicular Worlds


Just a snapshot of a street that goes under the highway.

Those are two perpendicular worlds – the high speed streaming on the highway and the stop-and-go driving on the street under with traffic lights and speed restrictions on almost every block.

We choose the roads to follow accordingly.