October 25th, 2017

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Doug Hepburn in 1953


August 30, 1953, Stockholm, Sweden – Canadian heavyweight Douglas Hepburn does his his first attempt in the snatch at the 1953 World Championship in Stockholm.

By the end of this day, Hepburn finished with the 467.5kg total (167.5+135+165) and won the title of a heavyweight champion of the world.

Douglas Hepburn was the first Canadian to win the World Championship in Olympic weightlifting and, so far, remains the only one for Camada in the history of men’s tournaments.

Obviously, Hepburn is a cult figure in the history of Iron Game. There are many articles and books written about him. I’d rather present only some of his strength PB’s:

  • Press: 381

  • Snatch: 300

  • C&J: 383

  • Bench: 545*

  • Squat: 750

  • Deadlift: 705

  • Press f/rack: 445

  • Push Press: 445

close up

Kanybek Osmonaliev


May 12, 1980, Moscow, Russia – Flyweight candidate to the Olympic Team USSR, Kanybek Osmonaliev of Burevestnik, Frunze, Kirgizia, competes in the 52.5kg weight class at the 1980 USSR Championship held at the Izmailovo Weightlifting Arena.

Osmonaliev won the title with the 245kg total (107.5+137.5) and improved his standing on the list to represent the Soviet Union at the Summer Olympics. In a few months, Kanybek won the Olympics at the same arena with the same total and individual lifts.