December 3rd, 2017

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Days of Worries


We’re sitting on the porch.

Those are days of worries. With Sue still recovering from the surgery, we really had no time just to sit and talk.

Bernie misses Sue. He misses our conversations.

Too many things are not right.

“You are pathetic!” says Bernie to me trying to capture the main thought of the moment.

“I am pathetic?” I can’t let Bernie ruin the evening with this verdict-like statement. “No, it’s you who’s pathetic!”

“No. You are!”

“No. You!”



Pathetic argument warms us up. We both smile.

We know it’s going to be better tomorrow. Has to be! And it will be.

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Yury Vlasov (Stockholm, 1963)


Stockholm, September 13, 1963 – Yury Vlasov of Moscow, Russia competes in the 90+kg weight class at the 1963 World Championship in Stockholm.

Vlasov won his 4th world title with the 557.5kg total. He set 3 world records that night in September – in the clean-and-jerk (212.5kg) and two records in total.

1963 World Championship
Location: Stockholm, SWE
Weight Class: Super Heavyweight  [90+ kg]</p>

More Info On 1963 World Championship

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Yury VLASOV,  Soviet Union 187.5+160+210 = 557.5
2 Norbert SCHEMANSKY,  United States 180+160+197.5 = 537.5
3 Leonid ZHABOTINSKY,  Soviet Union 170+157.5+200 = 527.5

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Tommy Kono at the Moscow Prize International


On the History in Color cover photo, legendary Tommy Kono of Team USA competes at the Prize of Moscow.

Norbert Schemansky once said that American weightlifters were more popular in Russia than at home.

Perhaps, there was a lot of truth in this ironic remark. Despite obvious success of U.S. weightlifters during the decades when they dominated this  sport, Olympic weightlifting never really turned into a super popular sports in the United States. In Russia, on the other hand, fans still remember Bob Hoffman and his team.

“Tommy Kono?”- exclaimed many fans in Russia looking at the cover photo. “The “Iron Hawaiian” was superb!”

The names of American weightlifting legends are still being passed from generation to generation with the memories of their lifts and titles in their hey days.

1961 Prize of Moscow International

Featuring T.Kono (USA), I.Palinski (Poland), A.Kurynov (USSR), G.Veres (Hungary), L.Martin (Great Britain), V.Stepanov (USSR), V.Lyakh (USSR), J.Kailajarvi (Finland) and more