April 22nd, 2018

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Ozimek of Poland


History in Color:

Outstanding Polish light heavyweight Norbert Ozimek competes at the 1969 World Championships in Warsaw, Poland.

Norbert Ozimek (b. 1945) was one of the lead athletes of Team Poland with such star Olympic weightlifters as Waldemar Baszanowski, Marian Zielinski, Ireneusz Palinski and more that made Polish team one of the best in the world back in the 1960s – early 1970s.

Ozimek competed for his country at two Summer Olympics – in Mexico City (1968, bronze medal, 82.5kg) and in Munich (1972, silver medal, 82.5kg). He won the World title in 1965 and won numerous medals at the World and European championships. In 1967, when the Worlds were cancelled, Ozimek won the first place at the Little Olympics in Mexico.

He set the world record in snatch (148kg) in Tehran in 1965.

Needless to note that during his long career in weightlifting, Norbert Ozimek always competed in the same weight class – in the 82.5kg category.

He ia a 5-time champion of his native Poland. After retiring from competitive weightlifting, Ozimek worked as a coach and held the position of the Team Poland head coach.

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Miracle of Nature in Moscow


History in Color

Paul Anderson of Team USA, also known as “Miracle of Nature” for his phenomenal strength, is being admired by two Soviet champs, Arkady Vorobyev (left) and Trofim Lomakin.

The original photo was made during the historical USA vs. USSR Olympic weightlifting matches in the Summer of 1955.

It was the first ever visit of the American sports teams to Russia during the Cold War time. It was a common routine back then that the foreign nationals were followed and observed by the Soviet secret police. In 1955, for a different reason, thousands of Russian spectators were following Paul Anderson in Moscow to get a glimpse of the Miracle of Nature, the strongest men they’ve ever seen!