May 23rd, 2018

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Strongest In the Light Heavyweight: Ivanchenko and Rigert


History in Color:

The cover photo features two strongest Soviet light heavyweights in 1970 – Gennady Ivanchenko (left) of Riga, Latvia and David Rigert of Shakhty, Russia.

Both are definitely familiar to the Iron Game followers. Ivanchenko and Rigert had a very impressive appearance on the competition platform. Both reached international level during the time when the press lift was still a part of Olympic weightlifting.

When the press was withdrawn from the official competitions in 1972, a lot of muscles were toned down on the athletes’ bodies due to the emphasis on the speed in the dynamic lifts.

Obviously, the press lift had to go back then. It became a very loose interpretation of the initial strict pressing rules.

Look-and-feel of athletes doesn’t affect their placing in the Olympic weightlifting tournaments. It’s all about how much they can lift.

Still, powerful presence of the old-time press masters can be missed in the line-up of the athletes of the post-1972 era in this sport.

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USA vs. USSR: Firm Handshake in 1956


History in Color:

Champions of the 1956 Summer Olympics Paul Anderson (USA, left) and Arkady Vorobyev (USSR) exchange a firm handshake behind the scenes of the Olympics in Melbourne. Head coach of Team USSR Yakov Kutsenko is seen next Vorobyev.

Anderson won his gold medal in the super heavyweight class (90+kg) and Vorobyev won the OLympics in the middle heavyweight (90kg).

1956 Summer Olympics
Location: Melbourne, AUS</p>


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Charles VINCI, United States 105EOR+105OR+132.5 = 342.5WR
60 Featherweight Isaac BERGER, United States 107.5+107.5OR+137.5OR = 352.5WR
67.5 Lightweight Igor RYBAK, Soviet Union 110+120OR+150OR = 380OR
75 Middleweight Fedor BOGDANOVSKY, Soviet Union 132.5OR+122.5+165OR = 420WR
82.5 Light Heavyweight Tommy Tamio KONO, United States 140OR+132.5OR+175WR = 447.5WR
90 Middle Heavyweight Arkady VOROBYEV, Soviet Union 147.5WR+137.5+177.5OR = 462.5WR
90+ Super Heavyweight Paul ANDERSON, United States 167.5+145EOR+187.5OR = 500OR

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