June 5th, 2018

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From America To Bulgaria


History in Color:

September 1970, JFK Airport, New York – Olympic weightlifters of Team Bulgaria are going home from the 1970 World Championships in Columbus, OH.

Left to Right:

Atanas Kirov (56kg), Atanas Shopov (90kg), Yordan Bikov (75kg) and Alexander Kraychev (110kg)

At the 1970 Worlds, Kirov totaled 327.5kg (5th place), Bikov – 440kg (6th place) and Kraychev – 535kg (silver medal). Alexander Kraychev set 3 junior world records in press, snatch and total.

In two years at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Team Bulgaria spoke for itself loud and clear. They won the tournament in Olympic weightlifting. The athletes on the photo reached an outstanding progress.

Atanas Kirov ended on the 5th place with 362.5kg (+35kg). Yordan Bykov became an Olympic champion with 485kg (+45kg). Alexander Kraychev (+37.5kg in total) and Atanas Shopov won silver Olympic medals.