June 17th, 2018

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Ingemar Franzen (Sweden)


History in Color features one of the most internationally decorated Olympic weightlifters of Sweden in the 20th century, Ingemar Franzen.

Ingemar Franzen (1927-1985) competed in the middleweight. He represented Sweden at the the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. Unfortunately, he failed his three attempts in the press (1 @110kg and 2 @115kg) and didn’t qualify for Olympic placing.

A year before the Olympics, Ingemar Frenzen won a bronze medal at the 1955 World Championships in Munich. He took the  third place after Peter George of the United States and Fedor Bogdanovsky of the Soviet Union.

Frenzen also won a silver (1955) and a bronze European medals (1954).

Looking at the cover photo in color, we can see that Franzen was one of the pioneers of the squat-style snatch in the era when split style was dominant.

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Mladen Kuchev (Bulgaria)


History in Color:

Mladen Kuchev (b. 1947) was the member of the first national team assembled by Ivan Abadzhiev when he was appointed to run national weightlifting Team Bulgaria.

He was a 2x Olympian and took the 9th place in the 60kg class in Mexico City (1968) and won a silver medal in the 67.5kg class in Munich (1972).

Kuchev won 4 silver (1969, 1970, 1972, 1973) and 1 bronze (1975) medal at the World Championships.  He is a 3x European champion (1969, 1970, 1972).

He is a 8x Champion of Bulgaria.

Mladen Kuchev’s forte was his press. He set 10 world records in his career. 9 of them in the press lift.

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Be a Champ! Lift Like Alexander Kraychev!


History in Color presents a color version of the pnoto with one of the first and best graduates of  Bulgarian weightlifting school by Ivan Abadzhiev, Alexander Kraychev.

Alexander Kraychev (b. 1951) was one of the international  top guns in the heavyweight class in the 1970s.

He won a silver medal for Team Bulgaria at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich with a remarkable 562.5kg total. Kraychev was a World vice champion in for three consecucutive years – from 1970 to 1972. He was 2x European vice champion in 1970 and in 1971 and a 2x champion of Bulgaria (1970, 1972).

He is a Bulgarian member of the Club 500. There are 7 Bulgarian athletes inducted into the famous listing.

Dimitar Tramburdzhie and Alexander Kraychev share the best Bulgarian total of 3 lifts (562.5kg).

27 Tramburadzhiev, Dimitar 562.5 1948 BUL 120 203 155 205 1972
28 Kraychev, Alexander 562.5 1951 BUL 108.4 198 162.5 202.5 Munich, FRG 1972.09.04
35 Atanasov, Ivan 555 1939 BUL 120 208 140 207.5 1971
71 Penchev, Stancho 540 1940 BUL 109 200 145 195 1972
99 Shopov, Atanas 527.5 1951 BUL 89.85 178 147.5 202.5 Constanţa, ROU 1972.05.19
110 Nikolov, Andon 525 1951 BUL 89 183 152.5 190 Munich, FRG 1972.09.03
203 Veselinov, Ivan 505 1926 BUL 130? 170 140 195 1965





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Ivan Veselinov (Bulgaria)


History in Color:

Ivan Veselinov (b. 1926) was one of the best and most known Bulgarian weightlifters of the post World War II generation. From 1950 to 1968, he won 16 Bulgarian Championships!

Veselinov is a 3x Olympian. He competed for Bulgaria at the Summer Olympics in 1956, 1960 1nd 1968.

Ivan Veselinov is a 3x bronze medalist of the World Championship (1958, 1959), 4x European silver medalist (1958-1959, 1965) and 4x European bronze medalist (1955, 1956, 1962, 1963)

By all means, Ivan Veselinov is a Bulgarian pride of oldtime classics.


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Sevdalin Marinov (Bulgaria)


History in Color:

Sevdalin Marinov (b. 1968)  became an Olympic champion when won the gold in the flyweight class at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Marinov competed for Team Bulgaria in the 1980s and became a 3x World Champion (1985, 1986, 1987) and 5x European Champion (1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990).

In 1994, Sevdalin Marinov won the featherweight class at the 1994 Commonwealhth Games for Team Australia.

Sevdalin Marinov set 3 world records in his outstanding career as an Olympic weightlifter.

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Mohamed Traboulsi (Lebanon)


History in Color:

March 20, 1974, Yerevan, Armenia – Mohamed Traboulsi of Lebanon competes in the 75kg weight class at the 1974 Friendship Cup in Yerevan.

That following morning, the “Soviet Sports Daily” reported that Mohamed Traboulsi, a driver of the fire truck in Beirut, won the second place in the middleweight class at the Friendship Cup in Yerevan.

Obviously, Lebanon wasn’t an Olympic weightlifting powerhouse. However, Mohamed Traboulsi (b. 1950) was by all means an elite international weightlifter of his time.

He competed at 3 Summer Olympics for Lebanon – 1968, 1972, 1980. At 22, he won a silver Olympic medal in the middleweight class in Munich, Germany.

Traboulsi had a very distinguished career in this sport. Besides being a vice champion of Olympics and World Championships, he won the Asian Games in 1978 (67.5kg) and took a silver medal at the Asian Games in 1982 (82.5kg)

Mohamed Traboulsi set 4 world records in Olympic weightlifting.