June 19th, 2018

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Nurikian (Bulgaria)


History in Color:

Norair Nurikian (b. 1948) was a brilliant Bulgarian weightlifter. Ho competed in the bantamweight and featheweight classes and brought his country two gold medals from two Summer Olympics that he represented Bulgaria at. He won the 60kg class in Munich (1972) and 56kg class in Montreal (1976).

In many ways, the approach and methodology of Ivan Abadzhiev is being reflected on the phenomenon of Nurikian. Norair was brought to this sport as an athlete and then as a coach by Abadzhiev himself. Nurikian became the first Olympic champion in weightlifting for Bulgaria when he won a gold medal in the featherweight in 1972.

Besides two World and Olympic titles, Norair Nutikian won European (1976) and Bulgarian Championships (1971, 1972, 1975) and set 5 world records in his career.

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Team USA in Egypt (1955)


History in Color:

June 1955 – As part of a historical 1955 Team USA Weightlifting Tour to USSR, Egypt and Iran, American weightlifters competed in the weightlifting matches in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt).

The cover photo is a color version of the black-and-white original photo from the photoarchives of the Kabbas Family (left to right):

Mahmoud Fayad, x, Joe Pitman (USA, 67.5kg), Nicolas Kabbas, Paul Anderson(USA, 90+kg), Chuck Vinci, x,x,x, Dave Sheppard (USA, 90kg), Stan Stanczyk (USA, 82.5kg), Antoine Kabbas, Gabriel Kabbas.

1955 Team USA Weightlifting in Egypt
Location: Cairo, Alexandria (Egypt)</p>

Tournament Results

Class Date Rank Athlete’s Name Total Lifts
67.5 kg 6/23/1955 1 Joe PITMAN 335 100+100+135
75 kg 6/23/1955 1 Tommy Tamio KONO 407.5 127.5+120+160
82.5 kg 6/23/1955 1 Stanley STANCZYK 397.5 127.5+120+150
90 kg 6/23/1955 1 David SHEPPARD 427.5 132.5+127.5+167.5
90+ kg 6/23/1955 1 Paul ANDERSON 510 175+142.5+192.5
67.5 kg 6/25/1955 1 Joe PITMAN 337.5 105+97.5+135
75 kg 6/25/1955 1 Tommy Tamio KONO 375 120+110+145
82.5 kg 6/25/1955 1 Stanley STANCZYK 412.5 132.5+122.5+157.5
90 kg 6/25/1955 1 David SHEPPARD 432.5 137.5+130+165
90+ kg 6/25/1955 1 Paul ANDERSON 490 175+140+175

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