June 22nd, 2018

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Kalevi Lahdenranta (Finland)


History in Color:

September 20, 1970, Columbus, OH, USA – Super heavyweight Kalevi Lahdenranta of Finland competes for the World title in the 110+kg class at the 1970 World Championships in Columbus.

Kalevi Lahdenranta (b. 1942) won the bronze medal at the 1970 World Championships with 577.5kg (195+172.5+210). Considering that Kalevi also won a sliver medal at the 1972 European Championships in Hungary, the year of 1970 was the most successful for him medals vise.

Lahdenranta was a 2x Olympian of Team Finland. He placed 7th both in 1968 (Mexico City) and in 1972 (Munich).

Kalevi Lahdenranta was a true master of the snatch lift. He set 4 world records in his career and all were in the snatch including his last record of 185kg in 1974.

By all means, Kalevi Lahdenranta was one of the strongest super heavyweights of his time in Olympic weightlifting. He was ranked as #7 overall in the world on the Club 500 listing. His personal best total was 590kg (203 + 178 + 210) achieved in June 1971 in Lahti.

7 Lahdenranta, Kalevi 590 1942 FIN 137 203 178 210 Lahti, FIN 1971.06.07
21 Leppa, Jouko 572.5 1943 FIN 144.8 205 157.5 210 Munich, FRG 1972.09.06
50 Kangasniemi, Kauko 545 1942 FIN 104 175 167.5 202.5 1969
52 Saarelainen, Hannu 545 1944 FIN 105 185 160 200 1971
57 Haara, Taito Kalevi 542.5 1942 FIN 109 193 150 200 1971
86 Kangasniemi, Kaarlo 530 1941 FIN 110 180 160 190 Lahti, FIN 1969.10.26
88 Lindroos, Mauno 530 1941 FIN 111 180 150 200 1971
166 Kunnas, Jarvo 512.5 1937 FIN 135 180 142.5 190 1970
200 Kailajärvi, Jaako 507.5 1941 FIN 110 178 142.5 187.5 1972





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Aslanbek Yenaldiev


History in Color:

Aslanbek Yenaldiev (1948-2015) was one of the strongest Soviet super heavyweights of the 1970s.

Aslanbek Yenaldiev competed in the 110kg+ class for the Spartak Club of Ordzhanikidze. On the national level, he won the USSR Championships in 1977, the USSR Cup in 1975, 1976, 1979 and 1980, won gold medals in the USSR Championships in snatch (1975, 1979) and clean-and-jerk (1975, 1976, 1979, 1980).

On the international arena, Aslanbek was mostly remembered as a back-up of legendary Vasily Alexeev in the super heavyweight class. For the majority of fans, he looked almost like “mini me” of Alexeev and the common opinion was that he wasn’t ambitious enough to challenge the Legend and that, in a way, suited both athletes. Needless to say, that view was not fair to Aslanbek.

In the last few years I managed to speak to many members of Team USSR Weightlifting of the 1970s and ALL of them had a very high opinion of Aslanbek Yenaldiev and named him as a true gentleman and one of the best best teammate they ever had.

With Team CCCP Weightlifting, Yenaldiev became a vice champion of the World and Europe in 1977 and won several Friendship Cups (1977, 1978)

Aslanbek Yenaldiev is a member of Club 500 with 525kg total of 3 lifts (180+145+200). His bodyweight at the time was… 119.7kg.

In a 2-lifts era, Aslanbek Yenaldiev personal best was 435kg total (187.5+247.5) on December 18, 1976 in Sverdlovsk, Russia. His bodyweight was 189kg.



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The Last USSR Champion in the Light Heavyweight


History in Color:

August 14, 1991, Donetsk, Ukraine – Ibragim Samadov of Team Russian Federation competes in the 82.5kg weight class at the 1991 USSR Championships in Donetsk.

The tournament in Donetsk was the last USSR Championships. Ibragim Samadov won his weight class with the 380kg total (170+210) and became the last USSR Champion in the light heavyweight.

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Gyorgy Koszegi (Hungary)


History in Color:

March 16, 1978, Moscow, Russia – Brilliant flyweight of the 1970s, Gyorgy Koszegi of Hungary competed in the 52kg class at the 1978 Friendship Cup in Moscow.

Gyorgy Koszegi (1950-2001) was one of the strongest athletes in the world in the 52kg and 56kg weight classes.

Koszegi competed for Hungary at the Summer Olympics in 1976 and in 1980. He became a silver Olympic medalist in Montreal in 1976.

Gyorgy Koszegi was always in the group of top contenders in the flyweight during his career in this sport. He became a vice champion of the World in 1974, 1976 and 1977 and a vice champion of Europe in 1973, 1976, 1977 and 1978.

Koszegi was a world record holder. He set a snatch world records in 1974.