July 24th, 2018

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Jozsef Jacso (Hungary)


History in Color:

October 30, 1983, Moscow, Russia – Jozsef Jacso of Team Hungary wins a silver medal in the 110kg class at the 1983 World Championships in Moscow.

Jozsef Jacso (b. 1962) was a world-class Hungarian heavyweight of the 1980s. He won a silver medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.  Jacso was a 2x vice champion (1983, 1987) and a bronze medalist (1986) at the World Championships, vice champion of Europe in 1983.

His personal best total was 427.5kg (190+237.5) in the 110kg class at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

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Jaan Talts: The Last Tournament of the Legend


History in Color:

March 1974, Yerevan, Armenia – Legendary Soviet heavyweight Jaan Talts of Tallinn, Estonia competes in the 110kg class at the 1974 Friendship Cup in Yerevan.

With Pavel Pervushin out due to an injury, Talts was trying to re-establish his position as the best 110kg athlete.

He started in the snatch lift with an easy 162.5kg and then received a severe elbow dislocation injury while snatching 167.5kg in the 2nd attempt.

The injury ended the career of legendary Estonian heavyweight Jaan Talts, Olympic champion, 2x World champion, 4x European champion, 3x USSR champion and author of 41 world records.

The 1974 Friendship Cup in Yerevan was the last tournament that Jaan Talts competed in.

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Zygmunt Smalcerz: A Class Act of Olympic Weightlifter


The History in Color cover features one of all-time best Olympic weightlifter Zygmunt Smalcerz of Poland.

To me, Smalcerz is a truly class act of Olympic weightlifter.

Being a phenomenal athlete, coach and remarkable personality, he is definitely one of the most memorable figure of this sport.

Zygmunt Smalcerz was a part of the greatest Team Poland of the 1960s. He was a phenomenal athlete, a very slick technician and a successful competitor of his time. Smalcerz was a 2x Olympian, Olympic champion, 3x World Champion, 4x European Champion and a world record holder in the flyweight. By all means, Smalcerz one of the best flyweights in the history of this sport.

Today, Smalcerz plays a significant part in the latest improvements of the U.S. Weightlifting.

In many ways, he is a brilliant connector between the glorious past, present and future of Olympic weightlifting.


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Paul Anderson in Egypt (1955)


History in Color:

June 1955, Alexandria, Egypt – Legendary super heavyweight Paul Anderson of Team USA is lifting in Egypt during the historical 1955 Team USA Weightlifting Tour to USSR, Egypt and Iran. In Egypt, U.S. weightlifters competed in the weightlifting matches in Cairo and Alexandria.

The referee is Gabriel Kabbas, the father of the Robert Kabbas, Olympic vice champion (1984), 2x winner of the Commonweath Games, 3x Olympian and 3x Commonwealth Games medalist of Team Australia Weightlifting.