July 28th, 2018

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David Rigert: The Hero of a Memorable Epoch


The History in Color series features a photo of David Rigert, one of the most memorable and admired athletes for several generations of Olympic weightlifters and Iron Game fans.

There are quiet a few photos of David Rigert in this series – at different stages of his career with detailed stats, stories and matters of opinion.

This time, it’s just a poster-like photo.

David Rigert had many memorable ups and devastating downs in this sports.

Impressive but not a prefect career score.

No heroes are perfect. Maybe, that’s why we like and admire them…




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Norbert Schemansky Wins Olympic Title and Sets a New World Record


July 27, 1952, Helsinki, Finland: 28-year old Norbert Schemansky of Team USA Weightlifting wins the gold at the 90kg class at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.

Schemansky had a great performance in Helsinki – he did 9 for 9 and set 3 world records that night!

He also did two additional lifts for the world records in the snatch and clean-and-jerk. On the other hand, his main opponent Grigory Novak lifted 3 for 9 which was obviously a very poor tactical score.

The photo depicts the official weigh-in procedures after Schemansky lifted a new cj world record at the Messuhalli (Exhibition Hall) arena.

It all took place on July 27, 1952 – 66 years ago!

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New Wave of Olympic Weightlifters (Bulgaria, 1971)


History in Color:

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1971 – Student weightlifters at the Youth Sports School in Sofia (left to right):

Top row:

Yordan Bikov, Trendafil Stoychev, Nedelcho Kolev, Ivan Tonin (coach), Atanas Shopov, Krasimir Iliev, Dimitar Slavov, Alexander Kraychev, Nikolay Kamenopolski

Front row:

X1, X2, Encho Enchev, Zlatin Evtimov

In Bulgaria, they were called “Olympic Hopes”. In a few years to come, hopes will turn into reality. Many of them will become world famous athletes with remarkable achievements in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

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Jim George (USA)


History in Color:

May 12, 1958, Chicago, IL – Light heavyweight James George of  Akron, OH, USA competes Team USA Weightlifting in the 82.5kg class in the first match of the 1958 USA vs USSR Olympic weightlifting series in the United States.

Jim George (b, 1935) was one of the world class athletes of the legendary Team USA of the Bob Hoffman’s era in this sport.

He was a 2x Olympian and represented the United States at the Summer Olympics in Melbourne (1956) and Rome (1960). He won a bronze Olympic medal in 1956 and a silver Olympic medal in 1960.

In the national competitions, Jim was a 4x AAU champion. At the World championships, Jim George scored 2 silver medals (1957, 1958) and two bronze medals (1955, 1959).

In 1959, Jim George became a champion of the Pan American Games in Chicago. He also authored two world records in his career.