August 10th, 2018

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Russian Weightlifting Celebrates Is 133 Years Old Today!

Krayevsky 1897

On August 10, 2018 Russian weightlifting celebrates its 133rd birthday. The long story of Olympic weightlifting began with the gentlemen on the cover photo when Dr. V.F. Krayevsky founded his club in St. Petersburg, Russia on August 10, 1885…


As previously published in the History in Color series:

Every story has its beginning.

The official date of the beginning of Russian weightlifting is considered August 10, 1885. It was the day when the first weightlifting club of athletes was founded by Dr. V.F. Krayevsky in St. Petersburg, Russia. The initial goal of the club was health improvements and strength development of its members, amateur athletes of the club. Needless to say, some went beyond the status of amateur athletes including such professional strongmen and wrestlers as George Hackenschmidt, Sergey Eliseev, Gvido Mayer, Ivan Lebedev and more.

The original black-and-white photo of this History in Color feature was printed literally in every textbook on Olympic weightlifting in the Soviet Union.

Every story has its beginning.

The story of weightlifting in Russia has its roots connected to the fine gentlemen depicted in the cover photo for this article.

Krayevsky 1897 (eng)

Krayevsky 1897 (eng)

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Yury Vlasov (USSR): Early 1960s


History in Color:

Olympic champion Yury Vlasov performs Olympic weightlifting in front of thousands of spectators at the soccer stadium in Moscow in 1960s.

Based on the writing on the banner, the event was dedicated to the friendship and cooperation between the USSR and Cuba.

It ain’t France vs. Croatia finals at the recent World Cup but still a lot of people to cheer up a weightlifting champ!

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Coaches and Athletes: Augustyn Dziedzic and Zygmunt Smalcerz (Poland)


The History in Color presents one of almost text book examples of a weightlifting coach-and-athlete duos – Zygmunt Smalcerz and Augustyn Dziedzic of Poland.

Augustyn Dziedzic (1928-2008) was one of all-time best personal trainers in the history of this sport. He was responsible for bringing up such super stars as Waldemar Baszanowski, Zygmunt Smalcerz and Norbert Ozimek.

For a long time (1959-1981), Klemens Rogulski and Augustyn Dziedzic coached national Team Poland Weightlifting and were in charge of major success of Polish weightlifters in the international tournaments.

Prior to that, Augustyn Dziedzic was a Polish Olympian and a distinguished weightlifter and bodybuilder. He represented Poland at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. He took the 17th place in the bantamweight.