August 21st, 2018

close up

Team USSR in the Birch Forest


History in Color:

Group shot of the Team USSR Weightlifting coaches and athletes in the birch forest in 1976 (left to right):

Front row:

N/A (assistant massage therapist), R.Ikaev (coach of A.Yenaldiev), G.Baldin (massage therapist), I.Kudyukov (head coach), R. Plyukfelder (coach), N. Kolesnikov (60kg, Rostov, Russia), A.Voronin (56kg, Kemerovo, Russia)

Mid row:

N/A, V.Avzhyan (82.5kg, Arkhangelsk, Russia), K.Osmonaliev (52kg, Frunze, Kirgizia), V.Polonsky (52kg, Moscow, Russia), Yu. Vardanyav (75kg, Leninakan, Armenia), S.Poltoratsky (90kg, Kiev, Ukraine), Lobodaev (team doctor)

Top row:

G.Borovikov (coach of A.Voronin), S.Pevzner (67.5kg, Rostov, Russia), A.Saydullaev (90kg, Grozny, Russia), I.Nikitin (100kg, Khabarovk, Russia), G.Bessonov (82.5kg, Shakhty, Russia), A.Yenaldiev (110+kg, Ordzhonikidze, Russia), A.Kozlov (100kg, Kholmsk, Russia), V.Kuznichenko (110kg, Brovary, Ukraine), A.Serdyukov (110kg, Severodvinsk, Russia), V.Kurentsov (75kg, Khabarovk, Russia)

close up

Once Upon a Time When the King of Middle Heavyweight Spoke Finnish


History in Color:

September 26, 1969, Warsaw, Poland – Olympic champion of Mexico City, Kaarlo Kangasniemi of Kullaa, Finland does it again – he becomes the king of the middle heavyweight class with a 515kg total (175+150+190) at the 1969 World Championships in Warsaw.

Oh, yes – it was a time when the King of Middle Heavyweight did speak Finnish!