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Ноябрь, 7, 2018

History in Color:

The original black-and-white photo of Olympic champions Yurik Vardanyan and David Rigert was made in 1985.

This was the last season of 29-year old Yurik Vardanyan when he competed for the Team USSR. David Rigert just took over the national team as the Head Coach. The new era is about to begin.

David Rigert and Yurik Vardanyan were Olympic weightlifting heroes of my generation.

Karl Pumpurins (Latvia) in 1971

History in Color:

July 23, 1971, Moscow, Russia –Heavyweight Karl Pumpurins of Team Latvia is being weighing before the beginning of the 110kg competitions at the 1971 USSR Championships and Spartakiade at the CSKA Weightlifting Arena in Moscow.

Famous for his impressive physique and world class press lifts, Karl Pumpurins won the 5th place at the tournament with 540kg (195+145+200) total.

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