November 25th, 2018

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Anton Baraniak (Czechoslovakia) Wins Silver in Moscow

History in Color:

July 18, 1986, Moscow, Russia – 35-year old heavyweight Anton Baraniak of Team Czechoslovakia wins a silver medal with a  407.5kg (182.5+225) total in the 110kg class at the 1986 Good Will Games in Moscow.

Anton Baraniak (b. 1951) competed for Czechoslovakia at two Summer Olympics – in 1980 (Moscow) and in 1988 (Seoul). In 1980, Baraniak won the 7th place in the 100kg class with the 375kg (165+210) in total.

Baranian competed in various weight classes (100kg, 110kg, 110+kg)  and won 8 national championships in Czechoslovakia (1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985-1988). On the international arena, he won 3 bronze medals at the World Championships (1982, 1983, 1987) and 1 silver (1985) and 2 bronze medals at the European Championships (1982, 1983).

Anton Baraniak had an elite level of total in all weight classes he competed in. His personal best were:

  • 100kg – 375kg (165+210) – 7/28/1980 in Moscow

  • 110kg – 420 (187.5+232.5) – 11/4/1984 in Plzen

  • 110+  – 415kg (185+230) – 7/7/1985 in Trencin


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1981 Team USSR Weightlifting: Ready For Lille, France

History in Color:

September 1981, Moscow, Russia – Team USSR Weightlifting is ready to depart for the 1981 World Championships in Lille, France (left to right):

Semyon Itkin (coach), Oleg Pisarevsky (coach), Yury Zakharevich (90kg, silver), Avset Absetov (67.5kg), Alexander Pervy (75kg, silver), Yurik Sarkisyan (60kg, bronze), Alexander Rykov (coach), Kanybek Osmonaliev (52kg, gold), Viktor Sots (100kg, gold), Nikolay Zakharov (56kg, bronze), Anatoly Pisarenko (110+kg, gold), Vyacheslav Klokov (110kg, silver), Yurik Vardanyan (82.5kg, gold), Petr Alaev (coach), Viktor Naumenkov (coach).


Information after the athletes’ name includes their weight class and place they took at the 1981 World Championships in Lille.


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Victor Mosibit (USSR): 1983 USSR Spartakiade

History in Color:

August 1, 1983, Moscow, Russia – 23-year old super heavyweight Victor Mosibit competes for Team Uzbekistan in the 110+kg weight class at the 1983 USSR Championships and 1983 USSR Spartakiade held at the Izmaylozo Arena in Moscow.

Victor Mosibit (1960-1998) was a graduate of the Spartak club of Donetsk, Ukraine.

At the 1983 USSR Spartakiade in Moscow, Mosibit managed to set a new world record in snatch (205.5kg). His reached his personal best 430kg (190+240) in total at the 1982 USSR Cup in Moscow on December 12, 1982.