December 15th, 2018

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Eternal World Records: 198kg Press By David Rigert (90kg)

History in Color:

July 13, 1972, Riga, Latvia – Soviet middle heavyweight David Rigert of Shakhty, Russia presses a 198kg world record in the 90kg class at the 1972 Baltic Cup in Riga.

David Rigert managed to set 4 world records at the 1972 Baltic Cup in Riga – 1 in press, 1 in snatch and 2 in total. After the elimination of the press lift from Olympic weightlifting competitions in 1972, world record by Rigert in Riga became an “eternal” world record in the middle heavyweight class.

Ironically, the eternal press record was rather far from being a clean version. It was rather a very loose interpretation of Olympic press lifting. Needless to say, Olympic press wasn’t a forte of Rigert. In his career he set 65 world records – 22 in total, 21 in snatch, 21 in cj and only 1 in press.

This “only 1 in press” was the eternal world record in Riga shown on the cover photo.


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Ravil Khabutdinov (USSR)

Lift Up: History in Color

December 15, 2018 – Vice champion of the 1956 Summer Olympics, Ravil Khabutdinov would have celebrated his 90th Birthday.

Ravil Khabutdinov (1928-1997) was one of the top guns in the lightweight in the Soviet Union of the 1950s. He represented the USSR at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne and won a silver medal in the 67.5kg with a total of 372.5kg (125+110+137.5) and an Olympic record in the press lift.

Ravil Khabutdinov competed for the Krylya Sovetov Club in the 67.5kh and in the 75kg classes. He won a gold (1957) and a bronze (1956) medals at the USSR Championships.

On the international arena, besides being and Olympic vice champion, he won the European title in 1957 and a silver medal at the European Championships in 1956.

In his weightlifting career, Khabutdinov set 7 world records.  All 7 were in the press.