February 22nd, 2019

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Australian Champions: Happy and Strong in Brisbane, 1982

History in Color:

Ocrober 6, 1982, Brisbane, Australia – Team Australia champions of the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane (left to right):

Super heavyweight Dean Lukin, lightheavyweight Robert Kabbas,  coach Paul Coffa and flyweight Nick Voukelatos.

1982 Commonwealth Games
Location: Brisbane, AUS</p>


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Nick VOUKELATOS, Australia 207.5
56 Bantamweight Geoffrey LAWS, England 235
60 Featherweight Dean WILLEY, England 267.5
67.5 Lightweight David MORGAN, Wales 295
75 Middleweight Steve PINSENT, England 312.5
82.5 Light Heavyweight Newton BURROWES, England 325
90 Middle Heavyweight Robert KABBAS, Australia 337.5
100 Sub Heavyweight Oliver OROK, Nigeria 350
110 Heavyweight John BURNS, Wales 347.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Dean LUKIN, Australia 377.5

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Two Generations of Olympic Weightlifters From the Dynamo Club

History in Color:

There are many photos like this in the personal photo archives of Olympic weightlifters – memories about being in the training camps, about being strong and young, about happy old days.

The black-and-white original of this one came from the archives of the legendary world champion Gennady Ivanchenko. It features Gennady Ivanchenko (right) and Yury Chimrov. Both are graduates of the Dynamo Club. Ivanchenko competed for the Dynamo of Riga, Latvia and Chimrov – for the Dynamo of Donetsk, Ukraine.

There is a 10 years age difference between two champions. So, it is a symbolical photo in many ways – those lifters of two generations of Olympic weightlifters from the famous Dynamo Club.

Sad news just came from Ukraine…

Yury Chimrov died on February 19, 2009. He was 63.

RIP, Champion from the Dynamo Donetsk!