March 14th, 2019

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David Rigert (USSR, Russia): 1981 Friendship Cup

History in Color:

March 21, 1981, Lvov, Ukraine – Legendary David Rigert of Taganrog, Russia competes in the 100kg weight class at the 1981 Friendship Cup in Lvov.

A couple of weeks before the tournament in Lvov, David Rigert turned 34.

This was one of the last competitions in the long and impressive career of the Legend.

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Don't Cry For Me Argentina: Paul Anderson and Humbero Selvetti in 1956

History in Color:

November 26, 1956, Melbourne, Australia – Olympic vice champion, heavyweight  Humberto Selvetti of Team Argentina congratulates Paul Anderson of Team USA with a gold medal in the 90+kg weight class at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne.

Both Selvetti and Anderson were 22 at the time of the 1956 Olympics.

Humberto Sevetti won in the press program. In the snatch, they showed the same result. Paul Anderson won in the clean-and-jerk competition.

In the end, both finished with a 500kg total.

Anderson won the gold because he was lighter  – it was Anderson’s 137.9kg vs. Selvetti’s 143.5kg in bodyweight.