March 15th, 2019

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Happy Birthday to Robert Kabbas (Australia)!

March 15, 2019 – One of the finest Olympic weightlifters of Australia, vice champion of Summer Olympics and the World, Robert Kabbas celebrates his 64th Birthday!

Robert Kabbas competed in three Olympic Games – in Montreal (1976), Moscow (1980) and Los Angeles (1984). He won medals at three Commonwealth Games –  in 1978 (Edmonton , Gold Medal), 1982 (Brisbane , Gold Medal) and 1986 (Edinburgh , Silver Medal). He served as the President of Australian Weightlifting Federation and remains active in coaching and running local weightlifting club in his hometown.

Robert is a big friend of the Lift Up project. He is an unmatched source of historic artifacts and fascinating stories from the glorious past and present of this sport.

Happy Birthday, Robert!

And thank you for the finest lifting through your career and for all your  support of the Lift Up!



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Vasily Kolotov (USSR, Russia): Donetsk, 1973

History in Color:

April 28, 1973, Donetsk, Ukraine – Middle heavyweight of the Team USSR, 29-year old Vasily Kolotov of Pervoyralsk, Russia competes in the 90kg weight class at the 1973 USSR Championships in Donetsk.

In Donetsk, Vasily won a silver medal with a 365kg (162.5+202.5) total.

Vasily Kolotov (1944-2001) was one of the most impressive Soviet middle heavyweights in the 1970s. He won a gold medal at the 1970 World Championships in Columbus and two silver medals at the World Championships in Lima (1971) and in Havana (1973). He also became a vice European champion in Szombathely in 1970.

Kolotov was a member of club 500 with his best 552.5kg total in July 1972.

39 Kolotov, Vasily 552.5 1944 URS 89.9 183 160 210 Riga, URS 1972.07.13

On national level, Kolotov was a 3x USSR champion (1969, 1970, 1971), a silver USSR medalist (1973) and a bronze USSR medalist (1974). In 1971, Vasily Kolotov became a middle heavyweight champion of the USSR Spartakiade.

He set 9 world records (2 in snatch, 3 in cj and 4 in total) during his career in sports.