March 26th, 2019

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Bob Hoffman (USA): Interview with the Soviet Sports Daily

History in Color:

October 1966, East Berlin, GDR – Legendary Bob Hoffman (USA)  is being interviewed by the reporter of the Soviet Sports Daily newspaper with the final preparations for the 1966 World Championships being done on the stage.

The Head Coach of the Soviet weightlifting team Arkady Vorobyev is sitting on the bench next to Hoffman. Middleweight Russ Knipp and heavyweight Bob Bednarski, both of the U.S. national team, joined the interview group.

The original black-and-white photo was taken by legendary Tommy Kono (USA).

At the 1966 Worlds. Russ Knipp (USA) took the 4th place in the 75kg weight class and his teammate Bob Bednarski won a silver medal in the 90+kg class.


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Unsung Heroes: Sergey Ayrapetov (USSR, Azerbaijan)

History in Color:

July 25, 1982, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine –28-year old super heavyweight Sergey Ayrapetov of Team Spartak (Baku, Azerbaijan) competes in the 110+kg weight class at the 1982 USSR Championships in the Old Circus Arena in Dnepropetrovsk.

After the end of this tournament, Sergey Ayrapetov became the first weightlifter in Azerbaijan to reach the 400kg in total of two lifts.

Sergey Ayrapetov (born in 1953) was one of the regular contenders in the super heavyweight class in many national competitions in the Soviet Union. He was a 1980 USSR champion in the snatch lift and, of course, the founder of the Club 400 in Azerbaijan.