April 28th, 2019

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Best Featherweights in the World (Paris, 1946)

History in Color:

October 18, 1946, Paris, France – The strongest featherweights in the world at the medal ceremony in the 60kg weight class at the 1946 World Championships in Paris (left to right):

Moisey Kasyanik (USSR, bronze medal, 310kg), Arvid Andersson (Sweden, gold medal, 320kg),  Mahmoud Fayad (Egypt, silver medal, 317.5kg)

The 1946 World Championships in Paris was the first after the end of the World War 2. Arvid Anderson of Sweden won the first post-war title with a world record in total (320kg) and Mahmoud Fayad of Egypt set a new world record in the clean-and-jerk (130kg).

World Championships1946 World Championship
Location: Paris, FRA
Weight Class: Featherweight  [60 kg]</p>

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Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Olof Arvid ANDERSSON,  Sweden 90+100+130 = 320WR
2 Mahmoud FAYAD,  Egypt 85+102.5+130WR = 317.5
3 Moisey KASYANIK,  Soviet Union 95+95+120 = 310
4 Ibrahim Hassan SHAMS,  Egypt 80+100+125 = 305
5 Johan RUNGE,  Denmark 90+90+115 = 295
6 Emerick Kotaro ISHIKAWA,  United States 90+90+115 = 295

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Unsung Heroes: Anatoly Mayasin (USSR, Latvia)

The History in Color cover photo features Anatoly Mayasin of Team Latvia performing a snatch lift.

Anatoly Mayasin (1931-2010) competed in the 67.5kg and 75kg weight classes for the Dynamo club of Riga, Latvia. Mayasin had a long and distinguished career as an Olympic weightlifter and then as a coach with his club in Riga.

He won his first bronze medal at the USSR Championships in 1963 at the age of 22 and his last bronze medal in 1970 when he was 39. At 40, he competed for the Latvian Republic at the 1971 USSR Spartakiade in Moscow and took the 8th place.

Anatoly Mayasin was a world record holder and won 11 Latvian titles in his long career in this sport.


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Bill March (USA): Lifting Heavy in Stockholm, 1963

History in Color:

September 12, 1963, Stockholm, Sweden – 27-year old middle heavyweight Bill March of Team USA competes in the 90kg class at the 1963 World Championships in Stockholm.

William “Bill” Match (b. 1937) was a U.S. Olympian and a very powerful Olympic weightlifter of the first half of the 1960s. He competed for the famous York Barbell Club of York, PA and was a significant part of many projects by Bob Hoffman.

March represented the United States at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo where he won the 4th place with 467.5kg (155+135+177.5) in total.

He won 5 consecutive U.S. titles (1961-1965). On the international level, Bill March brought home a gold medal from the 1963 Pan American Games in Sao Paulo and a bronze medal in the 90kg class at the 1962 World Championships in Budapest.

Speaking of memorable pressers of the pre-1972 era in Olympic weightlifting, March most definitely was a terrific athlete in this department. He was a World record holder in the Olympic press lift.

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Peter George (USA): Press Lifting in Munich (1955)

History in Color:

October 14, 1955, Munich, Germany – Olympic champion Peter George of Acron, USA competes in the press program of the 75kg weight class at the 1955 World Championships in Munich.

Olympic press lift wasn’t the strongest lift of Peter George. He was a very fast technician and usually managed to reach the top poundage in total after the snatch and clean-and-jerk lifts. He followed this scenario in Munich too.

After the press lift, George was behind Fedor Bogdanovsky by 7.5kg. In the second lift, George out snatched the Soviet middleweight by 5kg. Finally, in the clean-and-jerk part, Bogdanovsky finished with a 155kg lift and 405 kg in total.

Peter George jerked 157.5kg. He also reached a 405kg total and the 1955 World title went to Peter George because of a lighter bodyweight.