July 19th, 2019

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Club 500: Gennady Ryabokon (Belarus, USSR)

History in Color:

May 18, 1966, Novosibirsk, Russia –Super heavyweight Gennady Ryabokon of the Spartak Club, Vitebsk, Belarus competes in the 102.5+kg weight class at the 1966 USSR Championships at the Dynamo Weightlifting Hall in Novosibirsk.

At the 1966 USSR Championships, Ryabokon won a bronze medal with 165+142.5+190 = 497.5kg in total.

Gennady Ryabokon (1937-2017) was the 1st weightlifter of Belarus to be inducted into the famous international Club 500 .

His best total was 550kg (195+157.5+197.5) in 1969.

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Happy 50th Birthday to Kakhi Kakhiashvili of Georgia!

One of Olympic weightlifting best, 3x Olympic champion Kakhi Kakhiashvili of Georgia turned 50 on July 13, 2019!

There are only 4 athletes that managed to win Olympic titles 3 times in the history of Olympic weightlifting and Kakhi is one of them.

He is one of the most successful weightlifters in the history of this sport. He won three Olympic gold medals: in Barcelona in 1992, in Atlanta in 1996 and in Sydney in 2000.

Congrats and best wished to the Legend!