November 21st, 2019

close up

Little Australians in Florida

These guys are zebra finches seen in one of the rehab places in Jacksonville, Florida.

Originally from Central Australia and Timor, they seem to enjoy being transplanted to the other part of the world. At least, the lovely fellas gave me a friendly chirp:

“How do you like Florida? Isn’t it nice here?”

It certainly is nice here.

Not sure – maybe one day I’ll meet a Kangaroos family here.

close up

Wood Stork in Ponte Vedra, Florida

Wood stork fella as seen in the Birds’ Island area in Ponte Vedra, FL.

In the old times they used to say that storks were finding babies in the marches and were bringing them in a basket to people’s faces.

I am not sure that it was my case. I highly doubt that my parents would have opened the door to this fella in Moscow 🙂

Wood storks are quiet common in tropical and subtropical habitats. Perhaps, those were not them delivering babies in Moscow.


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Northern Harrier in Florida

They used to be called Marsh Hawks because they were hunting over marches.

I’ve never seen these hawks before. At first,  I thought that he was sick or wounded. I spotted him on the volleyball court walking on the ground and thoroughly studying the grass area. Then he flew on a low tree branch and began to observe the neighborhood.

Northern Harriers are low-flying hawks. They glide just above the ground searching for prey. They hunt for mice, snakes, insects, small birds.

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Valery Shary: National Championships in Kiev (1978)

History in Color:

April 23, 1978, Kiev, Ukraine – Olympic champion Valery Shary of Minsk, Belarus competes in the snatch program in the 82.5kg class at the 1978 USSR Championships in Kiev.

By the end of the competition, Valery Shary won a gold medal with a 362.5kg (162.5+200) total. It was the last tournament where Shary competed in the light heavyweight. In December 1978, he won the USSR Cup in the 90kg weight class and began to prepare for the upcoming 1980 Summer Olympics as a middle heavyweight.

Valery Shary (born in 1947) was a 2x Olympian of Team USSR. He competed in the light heavyweight class at the Summer Olympics in Munich (1972) and in Montreal (1976) and became an Olympic champion in 1976.

Shary was a 2x World champion (1975, 1976) and a  2x European champion (1975, 1976). On the national level he was 4x USSR champion (1975, 1977, 1978, 1979), 2x USSR Spartakiade champion (1975, 1979),  3x USSR Cup winner (1971, 1978, 1979).

Valery Shary was a member of Club 500 with a 527.5kg total (178+155+195) set in Moscow on May 15, 1972. With a press lift out of Olympic weightlifting after 1972, this total stays as an eternal record in this sport.

His personal best totals were 367.5kg (162.5 + 205)  in 82.5kg (February 1976) and 392.5kg (172.5+220) in the 90kg class (September 1980)

Valery Shary authored 13 world records.