February 21st, 2020

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Yury Kozin (USSR, Russia): 1971 USSR Spartakiade

History in Color:

July 23, 1971, Moscow, Russia – Yury Kozin, 23-year old heavyweight of the Team Moscow wins a gold medal with 567.5kg (197.5+157.5+212.5) total in the 110kg competitions at the 1971 USSR Championships and Spartakiade at the CSKA Weightlifting Arena in Moscow.

Yury Kozin (b. 1948) was a World champion (1971), USSR Championship and Spartakiade gold medalist and world record holder.

In addition to winning the heavyweight class at the 1971 USSR Championships and Spartakiade, Yury set a new world record in the press – 204.kg.

The press lift was the strongest for Kozin. In his career, he authored 6 world records. 5 of them were in the Olympic press.

In fact, it was Yury Kozin who pressed the eternal world record of 213.5kg in the heavyweight class. The press lift was eliminated in 1972 and no records were set afterwards.