April 18th, 2020

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1970 Homecoming of the Champions: Back in the USSR 50 Years Ago

History in Color:

Moscow, Russia, USSR, September 1970 – Team USSR weightlifting just returned home after competing at the 1970 World Championships in Columbus, Ohio, USA and is now displaying their trophies in front of the plane that just landed in the airport.

On the cover photo five Soviet athletes who won gold medals in Columbus (left to right):

Viktor Kurentsov (75kg, middleweight, Khabarovsk, Russia), Vasily Kolotov (90kg, mid heavyweight, Pervouralsk, Russia), Jaan Talts (110kg, heavyweight, Tallinn, Estonia), Vasily Alexeev (110+kg, super heavyweight, Shakhty, Russia), Gennady Ivanchenko (82.5kg, light heavyweight, Riga, Latvia)



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1922 World Champions in Tallinn, Estonia

History in color:

April 30, 1922, Tallinn, Estonia – Winners of the 1922 World Championships are lined up on the stage of the Estonia Theater (left to right):

Alfred NEULAND (Estonia, 60kg, gold medal), Saul HALLAP (Estonia, 75kg, gold medal), Heinrich GRAF (Switzerland, 67.5kg, gold medal), Roger FRANCOIS (France, 82.5kg, gold medal),  Harald TAMMER (Estonia, 82.5kg+, gold medal)

The 1922 World Championships brought in 33 participants from 4 countries. The athletes competed in 5 weight classes. The champions were determined by best total of 5 lifts (two-arm press,  one-arm snatch, one-arm clean-and-jerk, two-arm snatch, two-arm clean-and-jerk).

Final team results were the following:

  1. Estonia

  2. Latvia

  3. Switzerland

  4. France