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2015 Pan-American Games


Latest updates of our Lift Up project, include the results of 2015 Pan-American Games held in Toronto, Canada.

Athletes from the 6 countries won Gold medals. 10 countries won medals. Colombia was the most successful team with 8 Gold and 13 medals all together. They were followed by Venezuela winning 7 and Cuba 5. Impressive strength was shown by almost all 118 competing athletes while men broke 14 and women broke 15 Pan Am Games records!

Highlights of the men’s weightlifting tournament compiled below:

Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Habib DE LAS SALAS, Colombia 269
62 Featherweight Oscar FIGUEROA, Colombia 310
69 Lightweight Luis J MOSQUERA LOZANO, Colombia 331
77 Middleweight Addriel LA O, Cuba 338
85 Light Heavyweight Yohandrys HERNANDEZ, Cuba 370
94 Middle Heavyweight Kendrick FARRIS, United States 366
105 Heavyweight Jesus GONZALES BARRIOS, Venezuela 385
105+ Super Heavyweight Fernando REIS, Brasil 427

More details are available at Lift Up project.

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