chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Eastern Kingbird of the Plum Island


Here is another debut in the Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski. This is the Eastern Kingbird from the Plum Island.

It’s amazing that just a 75-minute drive north can take you to the place with the birds you don’t see in your area.

The Latin name for the Eastern Kingbird is Tyrannus tyrannus . It is a large flycatcher that is famous for his attitude and bold behavior. Kingbirds are afraid of nothing. Quite often,this big-headed, broad-shouldered bird can be seen chasing crows, Red-tailed Hawks, Great Blue Herons, and other birds that pass over its territory. Eastern Kingbirds often perch on wires in open areas and either sally out for flying insects or flutter slowly over the tops of grasses. They spend winters in South American forests, where they eat mainly fruit.

Welcome to Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski, Mr. King!

Tags: nature, photography

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