chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Minnesota North Star


Greetings to all fellows baderisomaniacs of the world!

How did the celebration of Balderis’ birthday go?

Here is one of the new memorabilia photos to your memory sticks – Helmut Balderis practicing with the Minnesota North Stars in October 1989.

Certainly, I am biased on this subject matter, but I still think Balderis’ heroics in the NHL at 37 were pretty impressive. Being a rookie at 37 in the major hockey league in the world… 5 years past official retirement from the Game… Well, it wasn’t bad at all. One can only wonder about Balderis playing in the NHL much earlier in his career.

Viva Balderis!

Tags: balderis, dynamo riga, hockey, nhl, ussr

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