chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Phil Esposito Sent Brezhnev A Kiss. Not Bad.


The whole world was watching when they introduced me. I stepped on the stem and fell flat on my ass. I’ll tell you, that broke some of the tension. But the ironic thing was, (Leonid) Brezhnev was president then and when I looked up, I made eye contact with him. There was the Soviet president staring right back at me. Everybody in the arena was laughing at my pratfall – everybody but him. His look was as cold as the ice I was sitting on. So I put my hand to my lips and SMACK I blew him a kiss. And he still didn’t laugh. But the guy beside him did and Brezhnev turned and gave him a look that almost paralysed the poor guy. I said to myself, ‘Holy Christ, we may not get out of here alive!’

Phil Esposito about Game 5 in Moscow, September 1972

The dialogue in the VIP section of the Luxhniki Hockey Arena in Moscow might have sounded like this re-enactment graphics…

Just an educated guess of a historian of the 1972 Summit Series, however :-)

Tags: boston bruins, brezhnev, canada, hockey, moscow, nhl, red army, ussr

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