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CV Case Study: Lemon Law Application

Since the launch of Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski, I’ve recieved many requests to publish articles about my IT projects and to share my thoughts about current state and trends in the field.

For the most, when you work full-time in IT and spend endless hours on various projects, you really prefer to talk about anything but these project. The idea behind Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski was to have fun publications on various topic – about information technology and beyond it :-)

With all this said, I can’t really blame anyone to seek IT publications from someone who introduces himself as a “15+ years full-time in IT, applications and web development, web 2.0, passionate historian of Olympic weightlifting and hockey”  :-) I guess some of our projects may deserve a case study tidbit here.

Here is one of the latest projects I worked on.

Title: Lemon Law, Lemon Aid Law and Used Vehicle Warranty Law

Client: Office of Consumer Affairs and

Business Regulation (Massachusetts)

Launch Date: March 2014

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3; SQL/ASP; jQuery


My responsibilities included front-end and back-end development of a customized interactive application allowing users to determine if they are qualified for the Lemon Law in the state of Massachusetts.

The approach was to create a rich and visually appealing feature that will streamline and compile various state law and guidance and allow online visitors to walk through the process in an easy and use-friendly way. The result was a widget that can easily be plugged into the state web site at .

Pheeeew… I can’t stand on the soap box that long :-) I just plugged this widget for the demo purposes into this site.





Tags: creative, design, graphics, infographics, information technology

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