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Condolences To Russia


My deepest condolences go to people of Russia over a passenger plane crash in Egypt which killed 224 people onboard.

It is a very sad day.

A Russian aircraft carrying 224 people, including dozens of children, crashed Saturday in the Sinai Peninsula shortly after taking off from a resort popular with Russian tourists, the Egyptian government said Saturday. There were no survivors. AP


It means “Hello” in Russian.

It’s not very common to hear Russian in my town.

“My name is Aladdin,” – said this guy with a wide smile on his face.

There was something unreal in this.

I was cleaning the snow on the street during one of the dramatic storms last year.

And here was a smiling guy by the name of Aladdin greeting me in Russian in American town covered in snow.

“I am from Egypt” – explained Aladdin. “I worked in the hotel there. There were many Russian tourists there. I’ve learned Russian.”

It was a year ago.

I saw Aladdin several times afterwards and every time he smiled to me and said “Hello” in Russian.

This morning he stopped by and didn’t say “Hello”.

“It is a very sad day,” – he said.

It is a very sad day.

My thoughts are with those who lost their family members and friends in the crash of the flight 7K9268 Sharm el-Sheikh-Petersburg.

It is a very sad day.


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