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CV Case Study: Hockey CCCP International







Here is one of the latest projects I worked on.

Title: Hockey CCCP International

Client: Pro Bono

Launch Date: January 2004

Technologies: XHTML/CSS; SQL/ASP; MS Access


One of my independent projects on sports history, the Hockey CCCP International was an ambitious database-driven site about one of the biggest phenomenon in world hockey, Team USSR.

Unlike other projects in my portfolio, it wasn’t done in the POV style. All features are data based. Dynamic display allows visitors use their own criteria to search and generate various lists on demand.

My responsibilities included full in-house development (front-end and back-end), web design and database development. The biggest effort was made to develop a comprehensive database with a complete information on all players, coaches, tournaments and games ever played by the Soviet national team in 1954-1991 and to collect and compile photographic representation of the data.

The site remains one of the key online resources on the history of Soviet hockey. In the peak of its popularity, the site drew 16K+ visitors per day.

If you ever search for no-nonsense statistics about the Soviet hockey on the international arena, the Hockey CCCP International is the place to go.


Tags: hockey, infographics, information technology, nhl, olympics, ussr, web design

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