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Valery Odintsov, 1951-2015


Sad news came from Riga, Latvia.

Valery Odintsov, famous hockey defenseman of Dynamo Riga, died at 64.

Sad news…

Valery Odintsov was one of the main players of Dynamo Riga of 1970s. When you think of that team, Odintsov’s name probably comes as one of the first ones. He was a favorite of the fans – a great blueliner, solid and tough, and, by all means, a character.

Sad news…

Odinstov’s jersey was No. 16 and fans and players loved their No. 16. He wasn’t impressive in terms of his size but he was rock solid and reliable. It was Valery Odintsov who was eyed by the NHL scouts when he played for junior Team USSR in Canada. Those who followed the game in the 1970s definitely remember the defense pair of Valery Odintsov and Juris Liberts. Valery Odintsov was a very good player.

Sad news…

Feels like someone you know really well died in Riga. Someone from your family. Someone who was with you for a long time.

Sad news, indeed…

We will always remember you, Valery Odintsov!



Saga of Dynamo Riga: Valery Odintsov (in Russian)


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