chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Childhood Idol

Just some memories…

David Rigert was an idol of my childhood.

There was nothing special about me in this. I was an aspiring lifter and Rigert was a weighlifters’ weightlifter.

In our lockers of that time we had inspirational posters of two athletes – David Rigert and Arnold Schwartznegger. It was easy to tell about our lifting preferences.

Those who had Arnold’s picture were bodybuilders. Those with Rigerts’ photo in the locker were Olympic weightlifters. No doubts about specialization here.

I belonged to the second clan.

Just some memories…

This is just a memory tidbit. Rather emotional than educational.

To learn more about David Rigert, visit Lift Up.

Just some memories…

Tags: lift up, weightlifting, yesterday's hero

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