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Top 25 Most Wanted Men In Finland


The final game for the gold medals at the 2016 IIHF World Junior Championship was emotional.

In the end, both Team Finland and Team Russia won. Finland won gold. Russia won silver. It was a close game.

As an avid  “Balderisomaniac“, I published an article on how Helmut Balderis performed when he played vs. Suomi.

Now here goes the list of Team USSR Top Guns or Most Wanted Men in Suomi – the Soviet players that scored the most playing against Team Finland.

Top 25 Most Wanted Men in Finland

No. Player Postion Goals
1 Alexander Maltsev C/RW 55
2 Valery Kharlamov LW 48
3 Boris Mikhailov RW 46
4 Sergey Makarov RW 41
5 Vladimir Petrov C 35
6 Alexander Yakushev LW 29
7 Vladimir Vikulov RW 24
8 Sergey Kapustin LW 22
9 Veniamin Alexandrov LW 20
10 Vyacheslav Fetisov D 18
11 Viktor Zhluktov C 16
12 Vyacheslav Starshinov C 16
13 Victor Shalimov RW 16
14 Vladimir Krutov LW 16
15 Anatoly Firsov LW/C 15
16 Vsevolod Bobrov LW 14
17 Vyacheslav Bykov C 13
18 Igor Larionov C 13
19 Helmut Balderis RW 13
20 Valery Kamensky LW 12
21 Sergey Svetlov RW 12
22 Vladimir Shadrin C 11
23 Alexey Kasatonov D 11
24 Vladimir Golikov C 10
25 Andrey Khomutov RW 10
26 Alexey Guryshev C 10
27 Nikolay Drozdetsky RW 10
28 Vyacheslav Anisin C 10

As you can see, legendary Alexander Maltsev did the most damage to the Finnish goalies. He scored 55 goals in 66 games! Soviet finest Valery Khatlamov and Boris Petrov scored 48 and 46 goals respectively.

Just some thoughts on the past and present…


Special note:

The stats data produced by our in-house Hockey CCCP site.

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