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Balderis vs Holecek in 1976 [#EverybodyLovesBalderis]

USSR vs. Czechoslovakia, April 17, 1976

WC-1976, Katowice, Poland.

Team USSR vs. CSSR. One of the all time greatest rivalries in the history of world hockey.

Helmut Balderis is 23 years old. This is his first world championship ever.

He plays RW on the 3rd line with Viktor Zhluktov and Alexander Golikov.

Balderis scores his 2nd goal in his 10th game for the national team.

With 4 minutes left in the third period, Balderis receives a puck from Yury Lyapkin and scores against legendary goalie Jiri Holecek.

Balderis plays No.11 and wears no mustache. Under these odd circumstances, the goal is still a usual touch of scoring beauty  by Helmut Balderis.

Balderisomania never stops here!


The original photos reproduction is a courtesy of

the WorldHockeyClassic.RU online collection.


Tags: balderis, czechoslovakia, dynamo riga, hockey, olympics, russia, ussr

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