chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Oldtime Stand-Up and Improv

Just a blast from 100 lbs ago.

Unbelievable but true… this guy used to do on stage stand-up and improv for a living.

On the average, he could keep this audience laughing for a stage act of about 45-60 minutes. After that, it was becoming too much. Either audience was getting tired of him or the other way around :-)

Anyway, if for some reason you get an urge for oldtime stand-up  in Russian, he it goes

Special thanks to Mr. Bernard Waxman for transferring the film to DVD.

It’s a blast to see my old stand-up routines from 25 years ago!



Tags: arthur c., celebrate!, moscow, photography, review, russia, television, ussr, yesterday's hero

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