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Balderis vs. Crha


Balderisomania never stops at Chidlovski.Com!

Here is Helmut Balderis, a young and promising right wing from Dynamo Riga, playing vs. Jiri Crha, goalie of Team Czechoslovakia.

Balderis isplaying his first games with the national team. He is still working on earning the jersey No. 19.

Vladimir Shadrin has No.  19 and Balderis is No. 26.

Jiri Crha is a solid tender from Tesla Pardubice. He is a back-up to Jiri Holecek and Vlado Dzurilla, the best goalies representing Team Czechoslovakia.

Balderisomania never stops at Chidlovski.Com!

Those were good old times when life of a teenager in Moscow was about watching Helmut Balderis. Pretty much like today’s teenagers learn the game by watching Crosby or Ovechkin, Stamkos or Kane… We’ll see what they will write in their twitter 30 years from now :-)

Balderisomania never stops at Chidlovski.Com!

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