chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Russian Evolution: USA - Russia, 1:1

I just realized that I’ve lived half of my life in Boston, USA.

Half and Half. Russia and USA. Moscow and Boston.


When I came back from Moscow in 2012, friends were curious:

“How was it?”

The answer was predictable:

“Very different!’

The answer is highly predictable. People are curious. They want to hear more.

“It’s not better or worse,” I try to compile 1000 impressions into one sentence. “It’s just different.”

Lets just say I didn’t recognize my home town. I didn’t hear Moscow accent on the street. It disappeared. Vaporized.

I came to a place I’ve never been before. That’s how I felt.

Wait! It’s all just a photoshop majic. Like on  the two pictures in the attached slide show.

Same photo. Same people. Same place. Looks different.

Just a bit of bright colors. New cloth. New cloth. Fancy glasses…

Is it really that different?

Perhaps, it’s me that is different.






Tags: americana, boston, moscow, moscow-2012, russia, usa, ussr

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