chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Epaulettes: Natasha, Andrey and Red Winger

Epaulettes are classy!

Count Leo Tolstoy and Red-Winged Blackbirds would have definitely agreed on this one.

Every time I see the Red-Winged Blackbirds, I think of the the ballroom dance with Natasha Rostova and Prince Andrey Bolkonsky in the “War and Peace”.

And then, of course, the scene on the Pratzen Heightsthe with Napoleon looking at the body of Prince Bolkonsky laying on his back with the flagstaff that had been dropped beside him.

“That’s a fine death!” said Napoleon.

A perfect match of strength and dignity.

That’s what I think about when I see Red-Winged Blackbirds.



Tags: birds, nature, photography, russia

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