chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Master of Arts in 1995


Just graduated!

The photo was made after graduation ceremony at the Majestic Theater.

This Master of Arts has no idea that he’s going to spend almost 20 years working in the digital world.

My mind was set in documentary making and experimental film art. Little that I knew at the time thar documentary genre will almost be swapped with reality shows and art experimentation will go big into virtual reality.

Most of the technologies at Emerson were analog in the early 1990s – cameras, tapes, edit switchers, monitors. The EFP setup required 2-3 crew members. TV Cameras were bulky. Audio decks were carried separately. It was a good work-out to go for a field shoot. Reminded me of my weightlifting days.

Good memories!

Tags: americana, arthur c., boston, celebrate!, creative

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