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Grand Opening in Rio

The last night Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio was fantastic.

We watched it on the NBC TV and here are just a few snapshots from the ceremony live at the Maracana.

Just a few highlights of the night I remembered the most:

  • Team USA appearance at the ceremony was perfecto. Really loved that the flag bearer Michael Phelps was a part of a front line of athletes. It was powerful, emotional and team spitited! Way to go! Go Team USA!

  • Team Russia was a good show under the circumstances of the doping scandals and that even participation of the team in the Olympics was under a big question.

  • As usual loved the historical overview of Brazil with all the computer graphics and people choreographed scenes on the stadium.

  • The Alberto Santos Dumont plane flight was touching and impressive. Not to stir the controversy on who was the first –  Santos Dumont or the Wright Brothers.

go-usa-2016-00 go-usa-2016-05 go-usa-2016-04 go-usa-2016-03 go-usa-2016-02



Tags: newsline, olympics, photography, rio-2016, russia, usa

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