chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Love From Lydia Valentin Perez

Jaqueline sent me a kiss from Rio but that was not the end of pleasant surprises from 2016 Olympics.

Lydia Valentin Perez, gorgeous lady and a very fine lifter Lydia Valentin Perez from Spain sent me a kiss and then a love and a heart.

Kid me not! Look at the photo!

Lydia had a great day in the 75KG tournament. She won the bronze and was only 0ne kilo behind the silver medalist Daria Naumova from Belarus.

Congrats! Cheers and Happy Friday!


rio_owl_spain_kiss_01 rio_owl_spain_kiss_02

Tags: celebrate!, happy friday, lift up, newsline, olympics, rio-2016, weightlifting

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