chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Jerry Came Back

Moment of joy. Jerry, the little house finch, is back.

“He is not Jerry,” – corrects me my wife Sue. “He doesn’t look Jerry. He is Roger.”

Maybe, it is Roger. He told me he’s Jerry. Finches don’t have birth certificates. He can be Roger and tell me that he is Hubert.

Doesn’t matter.

He is back.

For a while, finches left our backyard.

It was a crazy summer for me. We had constructor working in the house. Gas company was doing new delivery. I had a wild hours at work and had no much times for little fellas in the backyard.

We just noticed that finches disappeared. First, they got outnumbered by sparrows. Then we had a family of grackles who loved to take showers in our birdbath. Then, finches stopped coming.

No goodbye note. No farewell song. No nothing. Vanished.

And today I saw Jerry back.

Great to see them back.



finches-16015 finches-16015

Tags: birds, nature, photography

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