chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Friendly Mr. Mallard


He saw me first and approached me in the woods of the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary this afternoon.

“Hello. I am Mr. Mallard”

I was looking for the birds high in the trees and totally missed how he got close to me.

“What’s going on, sir?” – he asked me with a friendly smile.

I explained to him that I am a photographer and I am trying to get photos of the birds. I hear them in the trees. I saw chickadees and blue jays and a few warblers but they got scared and flew away from me.

“Do you want to make a picture of me?”

I looked at the little Mr. Mallard and realized that I don’t have photos of mallards featured in my Birds portfolio at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

“That is so easy to fix!” said Mr. Mallard and smiled into the camera.

This the debut of our photos of mallards at Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski.

If you see Mr. Mallard in the pond nearby, please tell him hello from me.

Tags: birds, nature, photography

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