chidlovski (chidlovski) wrote,

Happy Holiday Season To You and Yours!


Here is a blast from the past…

Holiday Season celebration in Moscow in December 2012 coincided with my first visit to Russia 21 years after I moved to America.

We all got together in a French restaurant with a view on Kremlin. About 60 people came to see me after over two decades of absence.

There were so many memories to share. So many stories to tell.

I was happy and touched.

It was nice to see all again and to know that you are not forgotten.

The party began at 6 p.m. and lasted till 11 a.m. next morning with friends coming and going in batches.

Hey Arthur, what’s up? Where have you been, man?..

I think we could have stayed longer. Maybe till noon. But we ain’t 20 anymore.

I do apologize if someone wasn’t able to come. I remember and love ya all!

Hope you are all catching up with the holiday spirit and will be able to celebrate with family and friends this year.

Just like we did four years ago.


Tags: celebrate!, moscow, moscow-2012, russia

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