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Strong In 1973


Here is a digitally enhanced photo national weightlifting Team CCCP  at the training camp in Feodosia.

Top row (left to right):

David Rigert (Shakhty, 90kg), Rudolf Plyukfelder (Shakhty, coach), Pavel Pervushin (Leningrad, 110kg), N/A, Yury Kozin (Moscow, 110kg), Alym Achichaev, Alexey Medvedev (Moscow, head coach), Gennady Ivanchenko (Riga, 82.5kg), Mukharby Kirzhinov (Moscow, 67.5kg), Jaan Talts (Tallinn, 110kg), Valentin Mikhailov (Voroshilovgrad, 79kg), Vasily Kolotov (Pervouralsk, 90kg), Fedor Bodanovsky (Leningrad, coach), Vladimir Anikin (Riga, 56kg), N/A, Vladimir Ryzhenkov (Moscow, 82.5kg), Vladimir Pushkarev (coach, Moscow), Stanislav Batishchev (Donetsk, 110+kg);

Mid row (left to right):

Rafael Belenkov (Minsk, 56kg), N/A, N/A, Stogov (coach), Viktor Kurentsov (Khabarovsk, 75kg);

Front row (left to right):

Dito Shanidze (Tbilisi, 60kg), Petr Korol (Lvov, 67.5kg), Vasily Alexeev (Shakhty, 110+kg);

Special thanks to Mr. Leonid Pavlyuk (Angarsk, Russia) for helping to identify the athletes and coaches on the photo.

Below is a snapshot from the history featuring the results of the 1973 USSR Championship. It was the first national championship in the post Olympic press era.


1973 Championship
4/26/1973 – 4/29/1973
Host: Donetsk, Ukraine Arena: Avangard Stadium
Number of Athletes: 141
Main Referee: A. Ivanchenko Secretary: V. PankovGOLD MEDALS
Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Valentin ZAUSAEV, Army  Moscow 220
56 Bantamweight Rafael BELENKOV, Spartak  Minsk 247.5
60 Featherweight Dito SHANIDZE, Gn.  Tbilisi 270
67.5 Lightweight Mukharby KIRZHINOV, Army  Moscow 300
75 Middleweight Valentin MIKHAILOV, Avangard  Voroshilovgrad 327.5
82.5 Light Heavyweight Vladimir RYZHENKOV, Dynamo  Moscow 352.5
90 Middle Heavyweight David RIGERT, Trud  Shakhty 375
110 Heavyweight Pavel PERVUSHIN, Army  Leningrad 387.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Vasily ALEXEEV, Trud  Shakhty 407.5

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,

please follow the link associated with the weight class.

For a complete list of results please visit the Lift Up: History of Olympic Weightlifting.



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